Data Visualization

This brief video aims to explain the benefits of using interactive data visualization for businesses, online news sites and research reporting.
We put it together as a response to people who say that interactive data visualization is a “nice to have” rather than seeing it as a vital means of effectively communicating with a public who have come to expect interactivity on the web and are unlikely to hit the download button to read a pdf. report and look at static charts.


Locus Insight Interactive EU Bond Yield Chart

Until the onset of the European economic crisis long term government bond yields were given scant attention by the public. Now the interest rates on these bonds have become a weather-vane for the status of the national economies and there is keen interest in tracking their movements.

The monthly average yields are reported by the European Central Bank and are also listed on Eurostat. The information is presented in tabular format and takes a bit of scanning to get the overall picture of the historic movement and current status.

The Locus Insight interactive EU bond yield chart presents this information in a handy interactive timeline format.Image

This type of interactive timeline is useful for reporting many types of historic data. A large volume of data can be accessed through a single interface. The chart is designed to be intuitive to use and simple to interpret.

Locus Insight can design and implement custom charts of this type to suit any data set and help you to improve your communication of complex information. Let us know your requirements through the contact form on

Data source: European Central Bank