Locus Insight produces in-depth report on Dublin’s residential property market



coverFor a country so infatuated with property ownership and where not so long ago a bizarre property bubble tipped the country into a dismal recession, Ireland has surprisingly little hard information about the state of the market.

Making sense of the data that is available is complicated by the fact that the country does not have a postcode system which would allow for simple geographic analysis.

Locus Insight decided to take on the challenge of developing a micro-area analysis of the Dublin market which is by far the most important residential region in the country.

This involved creating the first ever map of district boundaries for the city and county. This was done using Mapinfo GIS and the OpenStreetMap data set. Next task was to develop an algorithm for assigning addresses in the raw data file of the national Property Price Register  to districts. Then we were able to apply statistical analyses of the data using the “R” stats package.

The end result of all of this work is neatly packaged in a report covering four years of data. The report is available at our sister site:

Distribution of house price bands Dublin, 2013

Distribution of house price bands Dublin, 2013