Locus Insight on The Moscow Times

A recent project involved researching and mapping the comparison between language and ethnicity in the countries on Russia’s western border. The results give an insight into how Russia has used language as a justification for its actions in Ukraine. The two maps highlight regions that could become targets for further Russian expansionism. Read the op-ed on the Moscow Times here…

Moscow’s False Rationale to Save Russian Speakers


Click a map to expand:

Russian_language_pop2       Ethnic Russian_pop2


3 thoughts on “Locus Insight on The Moscow Times

  1. I won’t tell you anything new, but this is just the same with everything in life.
    You’d think history teaches us at least anything, but that’s so rare.
    Disagree if you will but the world changes, and none of us have no control over it.
    For instance, If only Obama had enough balls to put Russian bear to his place, but it seems like it’s not happening, welcome third world war.
    A truly inspiring post, thanks!

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